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Abu  Zaineh started the business in  a small store for whole  and retail sale in the  old  city of  Hebron  as in 1985 we  was  distributing  our  cargo   in  a small  vehicle.
Then in 1985 Hagi Waheed  Abu  Zaineh established has the  idea of  Abu Zaineh food  stuff company .
The  second  branch  of  our  company was opened in 2000  in  Abu  Ktailah  area .
In the beginning  , our  company started  to import  the  rice  from Egypt - Spain - Italy. After  that  we  increase  the  import  of  other  items as  chickpeas – lentils – coffee – tea - corn oil –coconut- from countries  like  America – Brazil- Canada - China.
Our  company  aims  to  import  the  best and  high quality of all  kinds of  food  stuff  in order to distribute  it  in our  local  market .
Lastly around 15 employees work  in our  company   administration and  food  distributer and  labors . in

For more  information please  contact  as  on the  following   mobiles :
Tel : 0097022229123
 Fax :  0097022252564



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